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When Garth Snow constructed the current Islanders roster, there were several key elements he knew were needed for the team to be successful. Knowing numerous young players such as Ryan Strome, Brock Nelson and Anders Lee will be up with the big club Garth made sure the team had the right mix of veterans surrounding the locker room.

With the right assortment of experience the other ingredient needed in the locker room was the precise blend of personalities. Cal Clutterbuck has certainly been a welcomed addition to the team’s dressing room.

“I am just a pretty outgoing guy, outgoing person,” Clutterbuck said. “Its just the way I have always been. People who know me know that it doesn’t really change when I am in the room or out of the room or wherever. It is just the way I am. I just enjoy being able to come in here every day and by myself.”

Clutterbuck has always been known as a jokester throughout NHL locker rooms which is in important personality to have when you take into account the grind of an NHL regular season

“I have always naturally been that way,” Clutterbuck said. “For me it’s just more about being myself day in day out. When you come into the league you have a guy that sometimes struggles with being himself because you’re afraid to offend anybody or step on somebody’s toes. “

It is not always easy to break into an NHL locker room but seasoned veterans such as the recently named alternate captain know they need to make the transition for rookies as easy as possible.

“I think the most important thing with so many young guys is I think you try to give them enough freedom to be themselves, so that they could feel as comfortable as possible day to day,” Clutterbuck continued. “I think that translates to their play.”

Anders Lee is just one of the young players on this team that has benefited from talking with some of the older players.

“What is nice about this team is that the young guys can talk to anybody,” Lee explained. “There are a lot of guys in here that have been around and they all have their own specialties. Ask one guy and ask another guy something else. Learn from them.”

Without the additional pressure of trying to fit into the Islanders room, look for Islanders rookies such as Anders Lee to help carry the load until Kyle Okposo is able to return.

By: Scott Charles


Islanders Insight Senior Editor

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