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Countdown to Mets Fantasy Camp 19 Days to Go.

Every year for the last 3 years as Spring gives way to Fall, Mets season merges into NY Rangers season, I have been able to keep the baseball side of my brain occupied with thoughts of Mets Fantasy Camp. This year more so then ever, in the past I have simply gone down to cover the week long camp as a reporter, this season I am headed down to actually participate as a player. Each year I have tried to find unique ways of counting down the days until camp and sharing them with Mets fans, So this year I will do the countdown by Jersey numbers, When possible I will post my 3 favorite Mets who have worn that number, some numbers are harder then others.

Lenny Harris

All-Time ! Lenny Harris is the kind of guy you want on your team, he could roll out of bed and grab a bat come up in the 7th, 8th,9th inning and get a pinch hit. 212 pinch hits the ALL TIME record, aside from that Lenny is one of the best team guys you will ever meet in the game. He played the game with a joy and love of the game that you don't see much anymore, He is one of the campers favorite coaches in Fantasy Camp for that very reason, If All-Time is wearing a uniform, he is wearing a smile and that is truly what it is all about.

Bob Ojeda

Huge part of the 1986 Mets success, 18-5, it gets over looked that in a staff that featured Doc,Sid, and Ron Darling it was Ojeda who had most wins and lowest era. It games that Bob started the season the Mets were 22-8.More Importantly after losing games 1 and 2 at Shea Bobby threw a gem at Fenway in a 7-1 game 3 win.

Anthony Young

Yes Anthony Young, the Anthony Young that lost 27 straight games, AY's 3.82 lifetime era as a Met is right up there with guys like Tom Glavine, Dillon Gee and Jonathan Niese, if AY had run production he would have had a much better won -loss record, also lost in the streak was the 15 straight save opportunities AY converted while filling in for John Franco

Mets who wore #19

Ken MacKenzie

Ed Bauta

Hawk Taylor

Johnny Stephenson

Kevin Collins

Tim Foli

Tommy Moore

Jim Gosger

Brian Ostrosser

Tom Hall

Luis Alvarado

Leo Foster

Butch Benton

Ron Gardenhire

Bob Ojeda

Jeff Gardner

Anthony Young

Shawn Hare

Bill Spiers

Jason Hardtke

Jim Tatum

Lenny Harris

Roger Cedeño

Scott Erickson

Heath Bell

Lino Urdaneta

Sandy Alomar

Jeff Conine

Ryan Church

Cory Sullivan

Gary Matthews

Mike Hessman

Danny Herrera

Zach Lutz

By: Mark Rosenman

WLIE 540 AM SPORTSTALKNY Host and Producer

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