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Countdown to Mets Fantasy Camp 31 Days to Go.

Every year for the last 3 years as Spring gives way to Fall, Mets season merges into NY Rangers season, I have been able to keep the baseball side of my brain occupied with thoughts of Mets Fantasy Camp. This year more so then ever, in the past I have simply gone down to cover the week long camp as a reporter, this season I am headed down to actually participate as a player. Each year I have tried to find unique ways of counting down the days until camp and sharing them with Mets fans, So this year I will do the countdown by Jersey numbers, When possible I will post my 3 favorite Mets who have worn that number, some numbers are harder then others.

Mike Piazza

A no doubter, he may in fact be my favorite Met. The Last 2 trips to the World Series featured a hall of fame caliber catcher that the Mets acquired via trade, Gary Carter on the 1986 Mets Team and Mike Piazza on the 2000 Mets team. Mike spent the bulk of his career as a New York Met,He was an all-star 6 of the 8 seasons he was a New York Met, He hit 220 Home Runs as a Ny Met, none bigger then the home run that helped heal a city. Sept. 21, 2001, the first major sporting event held in New York after the Sept. 11 attacks. It will forever be remembered for Mike Piazza’s mammoth home run in the eighth inning that didn’t just give the Mets a 3-2 lead and victory, but brought an entire crowd and city in need of healing and distraction something to cheer about. Aside from championships won at Shea it was for me without a doubt the the greatest single moment at Shea Stadium in Mets History.

John Franco

The man who wore 31 prior to Mike and gladly gave up when Mike joined the team was also the NY Mets greatest closer collecting 276 saves, 116 more then any other Met relief pitcher, John was a city kid, a Mets fan, who went to St. John's and fulfilled his dream by pitching for the Mets.He served as Met captain, and continues to be a great ambassador of the franchise. Here is our interview with John Franco.

Mike Vail

The Mets got Mike along with Jack Heidemann from the Cardinals for Ted Martinez. In His first season in the Mets' organization,He won the 1975 International League Player of the Year award. He was called up to the majors by the New York Mets in August 1975 and got a hit in his first at bat against the Houston Astros. He proceeded to set a modern Major League rookie record 23 game hit streak, which at the time was also the longest hitting streak in Mets' franchise history .I was lucky enough to meet Mike during his streak which was a pretty big deal for a 15 year old at the time, (Please excuse the Justin Beiber doo)


Mets who wore #31

Larry Bearnarth

Les Rohr

Jack DiLauro

Ron Herbel

Don Rose

Harry Parker

Mike Vail

Roy Lee Jackson

George Bamberger

Bruce Berenyi

Gene Walter

Julio Machado

John Franco

Mike Piazza

By: Mark Rosenman

WLIE 540 AM SPORTSTALKNY Host and Producer

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