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Countdown to Mets Fantasy Camp 36,35 Days to Go.

Every year for the last 3 years as Spring gives way to Fall, Mets season merges into NY Rangers season, I have been able to keep the baseball side of my brain occupied with thoughts of Mets Fantasy Camp. This year more so then ever, in the past I have simply gone down to cover the week long camp as a reporter, this season I am headed down to actually participate as a player. Each year I have tried to find unique ways of counting down the days until camp and sharing them with Mets fans, So this year I will do the countdown by Jersey numbers, When possible I will post my 3 favorite Mets who have worn that number, some numbers are harder then others.

#1 Jerry Koosman

Back in the day you were either a Muhammad Ali or Joe Frazier fan, or a Tom Seaver or Jerry Koosman fan, you always liked one better then the other, at times I think I was more of a Jerry Koosman guy, Koos was not as flashy or as confident as Seaver but he always got the job done, He was so clutch in the playoffs, going 4-0 in post season for the Mets.He pitched for 12 seasons for the Mets winning 140 games, his number should be hanging aside Tom's on the outfield wall. Jerry Koosman is without a doubt the most underrated pitcher to ever play for the Mets.

Here is our interview with Jerry Koosman.

#2 Kevin Baez

While KB played most of his games with the Mets wearing #1 , I am ranking him here, as I am not sure he would crack my top #3 at that number, and KB surely deserves a mention, Kevin holds a special place for me as when I was coaching a young travel team , Kevin ran some clinics for us and his joy for the game came across, he has been a very successful manager of the Long Island Ducks winning back to back championships and is a favorite at Mets Fantasy Camp. Here is our interview with Kevin Baez.

Mets who wore # 36

Sherman Jones

Bob Miller

Tracy Stallard

Roger Craig

Tracy Stallard

Jim Bethke

Jerry Koosman

Wayne Twitchell

Mark Bomback

Danny Boitano

Ed Lynch

Manny Hernandez

Dave Liddell

Kevin Baez

Tony Castillo

Tito Navarro

Mike Birkbeck

Don Florence

Greg McMichael

Jeff Tam

Grant Roberts

Manny Aybar

Henry Owens

Kelly Stinnett

Chip Ambres

Willie Collazo

Darren O'Day

Ken Takahashi

Manny Acosta

Dale Thayer

Collin McHugh

Juan Centeno

Rick Reed Possibly the best under the radar free agent signing the NY Mets ever made, never had a losing season for the Mets going 59-36 over 5 seasons more importantly the Mets record in games started by Rick in those 5 years.was 84-54. Not only did he have to battle the opposition but he was an outcast in his own locker room at times because he had signed to be a replacement player for the Reds during the 1995 work stoppage, he was viewed as a scab and was blackballed by the players association,

Dillon Gee

While Rick Reed maybe one of the best under the radar free agent signings, Dillon Gee may fall under the same category when it comes to Draft picks, Drafted in the 21st Round, 663 overall in the 2007 draft and of the over 300 pitchers chosen ahead of him only 6 pitchers have amassed more wins and they are David Price, Rick Porcello,Madison

Baumgardner,Jordan Zimmerman,Chris Sale and Tommy Hunter had it not been for some injuries they may have even been fewer. He will be a big part of this years Mets rotation as when healthy Dillon is one of the best in the game. Here is our interview with Dillon Gee.

Mets who wore #35

Ray Daviault

Larry Miller

Don Shaw

Billy Wynne

Jon Matlack

Charlie Williams

Joe Nolan

Randy Sterling

Roy Staiger

Luis Rosado

Dock Ellis

Ed Lynch

Randy Jones

John Christensen

Joe Sambito

Billy Beane

John Gibbons

Craig Shipley

Orlando Mercado

Pat Tabler

Lee Guetterman

Kenny Greer

Doug Henry

Rick Reed

Dave Weathers

Mike DeJean

José Offerman

Jerry Manuel

Joe Smith

Lance Broadway

Mike Jacobs

Dillon Gee

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