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Countdown to Mets Fantasy Camp 53 Days to Go.


Every year for the last 3 years as Spring gives way to Fall, Mets season merges into NY Rangers season, I have been able to keep the baseball side of my brain occupied with thoughts of Mets Fantasy Camp. This year more so then ever, in the past I have simply gone down to cover the week long camp as a reporter, this season I am headed down to actually participate as a player. Each year I have tried to find unique ways of counting down the days until camp and sharing them with Mets fans, So this year I will do the countdown by Jersey numbers, When possible I will post my 3 favorite Mets who have worn that number, some numbers may only yield one player.Feel free to post your favorites as well.In the Words of Casey Kasem now on with the countdown...

#1 Eric Hillman

You would think the Ruby Walker rule would apply here and that Eddie Yost who was the Mets third base coach from the time I was eight years old till I was 16 would be my favorite but that distinction goes to a 6-10 Left handed pitcher with a career .222 winning percentage who without a doubt is my favorite Met to ever wore #53. First off all to really appreciate Eric Hillman's time as a Met you need to examine the teams he was on, He went 2-9 one year while having a respectable 3.97 ERA. He is without a doubt one of the most honest, fun loving, down to earth athlete I have ever met. He has a great sense of humor and could easily be a stand up comedian. He was a far better pitcher then his numbers indicate .To this day he is still one of our most popular downloads from his February 1st 2012 appearance on our show, You can listen to it here.

** Note that this was prior to our radio days so there is some questionable language.

#2 Bobby Abreu

While Bobby's time a Met was fleeting, his professionalism is something I admired. Being around the team and seeing the effect he had on the younger players this season was a breath of fresh air. The fact that he went back to the minors just so he could be called back up in September shows you how much he loved playing the game. I was lucky enough to talk to him about it. You can view that interview here.

# 3 Eddie Yost

So the Rube Walker rule gets Eddie the # 3 spot, as from the time I was 8 till the time I was 16, 8 seasons 1296 games he was the only 3rd base coach I ever knew, for that reason and that reason alone he gets the third spot.

Who are your favorite 53s

Other Mets who have worn #53

Rogers Hornsby

Ernie White

Mel Harder

Sheriff Robinson

Eddie Yost

Tom Burgess

Dal Maxvill

Chuck Cottier

Bud Harrelson

Bobby Valentine

Eric Hillman

Rafael Landestoy

Tom Robson

Mickey Brantley

Dave Engle

Mark Guthrie

Vern Ruhle

Jerry Manuel

Chad Bradford

Jeremy Hefner

Bobby Abreu

By: Mark Rosenman

WLIE 540 AM SPORTSTALKNY Host and Producer

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